Chronos Control is a technique that allows the user to time travel by using a Time Stone.


Using this technique allows the user to "de-sync" from the flow of time. If the user travels through time and then returns to his/her own time, the user is unaffected by any changes in time while everyone else lives through it and does not notice any changes.


  • This technique officially appeared in the Archie comics.
  • This technique is a alternative version of Chaos Control.
  • In Greek mythology, Chronos was the personification of time.
  • Chronos Control has a similar resemblance to Chaos Control, as each of these abilities start with the names of a god ("Chronos" and "Chaos"), have the name "Control" in them, and they use special, mystical objects (the "Time Stones" and "Chaos Emeralds"). However, this ability is separate from Chaos Control, as it only affects time, not time and space.