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A Dark State is a type of Super State usually powered by an intense amount of anger and dark Chaos energy. While this State is generally uncontrollable, some individuals, such as Malik the Hedgehog, have mastered the form in such a way that allows them to maintain control of most of their identities.


Dark States have two different stages, the first of which only being accessible when the form is powered by anger. The first stage usually involves the user's fur becoming a drastically darker shade (barring accents) and attaining an aura that is a drastically darker shade of the user's normal aura. The second stage (the full transformation) involves the user's fur becoming completely black (again, barring accents) and losing their irises and pupils.

Powers and abilities

The user's innate abilities tend to be enhanced dramatically in a Dark State without control. However, with control, abilities are enhanced in a similar matter to a regular Super State. Users also gain the power of umbrakinesis while in a Dark State.


When a user is not in control of a Dark State, they seem to become a relentless killer who relishes the prospect of murdering innocent people. They are also more vulnerable to manipulation from outside sources. When in control, the user retains their original personality, although it is generally changed a tiny bit for the worse; for example, Malik is a bit more violent and reckless when using his Dark State.