The Dimensional Scream (時空の叫び, Spacetime Scream?) is a special ability in the Mystery World that is usable by those having interacted with the Time Gears in some way.


The Dimensional Scream allows individuals that have interacted with the Time Gears to look at unspecified times in the past or future via a vision.

Touching an item can potentially trigger a faint dizziness in the user, but this can also happen pseudo-randomly. Then time in the user's perspective seems to freeze in place before everything goes black, as if the user had fainted. A bright flash of light then appears in the user's sight before the events of the past or future occurs before the user in a sort of third-person view. Once the vision ends, another bright flash of light appears, and the user is put back into reality.

It doesn't matter whether the user is a Pokémon or human, or anything else for that matter. As long as the user has interacted with the Time Gears in some way, (s)he can use the Dimensional Scream.