Flamethrower (Kaenhoshaki) is a Fire-based technique that is a standby in any Fire-based arsenal.


Flamethrower, due to it's massive array of users, has a massive array of variance in it's use. For example, some prefer to unleash the flames from their hands, either a single hand for a focused beam, or both hands for a wide-spread attack. Others unleash the flames from their mouth, or another energy focal point. However, the thing that sets this attack apart is it's chance to leave the opponent with major burns, a condition that can remove them from the fight due to the recurring and extreme pain it creates.


Species Users


Derived Techniques

  • Arctic Flamethrower: An IceFire variant, which freezes instead of burns.
  • Fire Stream: A weakened flamethrower, commonly used as a training aid or fired from the fingers for a fine beam
  • Inferno Current: A concentrated, compressed Inferno variant that burns white-hot and is a lot harder to counter.

Technique Rank

The technique has been taught as a staple technique for any Fire-wielder, and as such the technique rank has been forgotten. Most people say it holds a C-rank, but in the cases of exceptional users, it could even be as high as an A-rank.