The Frost Diamonds are recurring objects in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. They are six ancient gems with cryokinetic properties. Those that hold the Frost Diamonds can perform a variety of ice-based activities, such as initiating a Blizzard transformation and inducing snowstorms.


The Frost Diamonds' history is shrouded in mystery; nobody knows their true origin. They have existed for about as long as the Chaos Emeralds, for several millennia, even predating the Master Emerald which has existed before recorded time, and have played a large role in a few events. Their power was passed down into legend, and the power of all six Diamonds is said to be able to induce an eternal blizzard.

Powers and Traits

Described as having enough power to induce an eternal blizzard, each individual Frost Diamond is said to contain a large, yet finite, amount of Frost Energy. One Diamond's power is only surpassed by the Chaos Emeralds, Master Emerald, and Power of the Stars. It is said that whoever collects all six Frost Diamonds can command an eternal blizzard that can freeze all who live on Earth.

Unlike the Chaos Emeralds, which can function as infinite power sources, the Frost Diamonds only have a limited amount of Frost Energy contained inside them. The only way to restore it is to place each Frost Diamond in their respective Frost Altars. With enough power loaded inside the Diamonds, they are able to float in midair using its own power.

The Frost Diamonds can be used in place of Chaos Emeralds to power machinery and such. However, because they are limited power sources, this generally isn't performed. When loaded into weapons such as the Eclipse Cannon, they can freeze entire planets, and potentially small stars.

Like the Chaos Emeralds, the Frost Diamonds amplify their own power when used together. This is best demonstrated with the Eclipse Cannon; the weapon can freeze an entire city with four, freeze a fourth of the globe with five, and freeze the entire planet and potentially small stars with all six.