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John the Charmander is a human that was transformed into a Charmander and sent to the Mystery World to prevent the collapse of time in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Beyond the Shadows, being erased from existence and becoming a hero alongside Rei the Shinx in the process.


John is shown to be a little timid at times, usually simply nodding and shaking his head in place of saying yes or no, respectively. He is also shown to be brave, accepting the fate of being erased from existence and preventing the collapse of time.


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John was sent from the human world to the Mystery World's ruined future time to prevent the collapse of time. Due to Primal Dialga's erratic control over time, he and Grovyle were sent back to the present time, which was Rei's time, and John was transformed into a Charmander and obtained severe amnesia, only remembering his name and the fact that he was previously a human.

Rei awakened John from his unconsciousness on the beaches of Treasure Town. The two eventually became great friends, joined Wigglytuff's Guild, and proceeded to become one of the best teams in the guild. They eventually opposed Grovyle, whom John did not recognize and vice versa. Dusknoir, who had posed as a famous explorer, eventually forced Rei and John back to the ruined future, where they were captured and taken to Primal Dialga, presumably for an execution. Much to Primal Dialga's dismay, the team broke out and escaped from the event. Eventually finding Grovyle, who was also sent back to the future, they set out to find Celebi, who re-informed John of his former identity. Primal Dialga, Dusknoir, and their cohorts eventually arrived to destroy the trio, but the three escaped using Celebi's power.

The trio decided to take refuge in Sharpedo's Bluff for a few days before Grovyle left to steal the Time Gears again. John followed while Rei informed the guild of Grovyle and the ruined future. In the end, they traveled to the Hidden Land's collapsing Temporal Tower and place the Time Gears in the tower, saving time. However, because the future John came from had been prevented, John faded away from existence, never to be seen again.

John is replaced with a new protagonist in the reboot.

Powers and Abilities

John, being a Charmander, was a pyrokinetic, meaning he was able to manipulate the flames around him. John also had the ability to perform a Dimensional Scream, allowing him to take a glance in the past or future. This could happen randomly, or when he touched a related item.