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Here, you can look at the fanmade content made by me and my friends. This content can span many franchises; it currently covers Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, and Metroid, but eventually will cover other franchises as well.

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Although anyone is allowed to make edits that fix problems related to Wikia syntax, only MalikTH and PirateGuy3001 are allowed to make content edits. Any content edits made by people other than us will be reverted.

Social Media

You can find me, MalikTH, on social media! Here are places you can find me on the Interwebs:

  • Twitter: @MalikTH32; my feed is on the right side of the page, and likely will consist of mostly reposts. It also consists of occasional updates.
  • Google Plus: +Malik the Hedgehog; I have a collection with concepts, usually made by other people.


Cross Bone Raiders Wiki: a place for PirateGuy3001 to put his creations because he doesn't know.

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