The P★DA, or Pokémon Digital Assistant (ポケモン デジタル アシスタント, Pokémon Digital Assistant?), is an electronic device widely used in the Pokémon universe's human world. It is mass-produced in the Orre region, and is generally used in tandem with Trainer Cards, Pokédexes, and devices such as the Pokétch. It has many important features, making it an essential device for many Pokémon Trainers.


The model of P★DA given to Trainers by Pokémon professors or their assistants are able to keep track of their Trainer ID number, PokéDollar balance, Battle Point balance, and the number of Gym Badges/Trial Marks obtained. If the Trainer has visited the Orre region, it also keeps track of Poké Coupons and Poké Spots. The device also has a customizable ringtone.

There is also the Strategy Memo, which provides a list of Pokémon in the Trainer’s Pokédex, providing information such as type, height, weight, Ability, and appearance. This can be used in battle, allowing Trainers to conduct strategies as battles progress. The Strategy Memo automatically synchronizes with the Pokédex to provide up-to-date information.

Trainers can exchange randomly-generated Friend Codes with other Trainers who use the P★DA to perform various activities. An email address can be paired with the Friend Code, allowing communication with other Trainers. Remote trading and battle simulation can also be performed. These activities can be done even if the two Trainers are in completely different regions.

Shadow Hunters have a Snag List, which keeps track of Shadow Pokémon collected, purified, and returned to their original Trainers. Shadow Hunter P★DAs also sound a ringtone when a new Shadow Pokémon is scanned and identified.