Pokémon Center (ポケモンセンター, Pokémon Center?), also shortened to PMC or Pokécen, is a common type of building in the Pokémon universe's human world that provides regulatory services for Pokémon Trainers.


Pokémon Centers are found in most towns and cities of the world; every major city or town holds a Pokémon Center. Some Pokémon Centers can be found outside of towns next to large forests or caves. Pokémon Centers are established in popular areas where many Trainers tend to gather in order to accommodate those Trainers in needs and serve as a resting spot. The most common service the Pokémon Center provides is healing Pokémon free of charge.

Pokémon Centers tend to consist of a healing station run by a Pokémon Center Nurse, as well as a computer station on the second floor that can be used by any Trainers. Mail carriers can often be found next to the computer station to deliver packages to Trainers. There is also a Poké Mart station that sells items to Trainers who happen to need them. While Connection Clubs were previously used, the introduction of the P★DA's built-in Trainer Search System eliminated the need for such facilities, and were removed from subsequent Pokémon Centers; older Pokémon Centers tend to use these stations for extra Poké Mart space, or simply use them as intended (as they weren't officially discontinued).