Not to be confused with Rei the Luxio, the character from the human world.

Rei the Shinx is a male Shinx who joined Wigglytuff’s Treasure Town Expedition Society as an apprentice alongside a to-be-confirmed character in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Beyond the Shadows Reloaded (with John the Charmander in the noncanon original).


Rei is energetic and adventurous. While this is in part because he is an Electric-type, his fascination for lore and legends fueled his desire to join the guild and go on many adventures.


Early Days

Rei lived in Sharpedo's Bluff near Treasure Town for most of his life. Conditions were mostly harsh; while they had sleeping areas and a good water source, food was not in abundance and had to be scavenged in Mystery Dungeons. Rei initially lived with his parents, but the harsh lifestyle that they were forced to live in took its toll on the two. Fortunately for Rei, he was taught how to live properly in the world they lived in.

Rei would constantly try to join the guild, mostly because of his fascination for lore, history, and ancient relics. Before the events of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Beyond the Shadows and its canon reboot, he never succeeded, but still tried again and again, refusing to give up.

Noncanon History

Beyond the Shadows

Main article: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Beyond the Shadows

After Rei fails yet again to join the local guild, he meets a human-turned-Charmander named John. This new friend helps him enter the guild and go on many adventures. Eventually, they are tasked with preventing the collapse of Temporal Tower, as well as time itself.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Shinx, Rei has the innate ability to generate electricity by extending and contracting his muscles. His fur shimmers when he is frightened or endangered; this can temporarily blind his assailant and allow him to escape.[1]


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