Trainer Card (トレーナーカード, Trainer Card?) is a Pokémon Trainer's main form of identification in the Pokémon universe's human world. It displays a Trainer's basic information including, but not limited to, Trainer ID number, Trainer level, statistics (such as number of battle wins and number of completed trades), gender, age, and birthdate.

Trainer Cards were originally handled in the form of a physical card. While they still are in the present time, more up-to-date information is stored on a computer database and can be viewed on PCs or mobile devices. Trainers can order physical Trainer Cards for a small fee.


The Trainer Card is a small card about the size of a real-life drivers license.

Information displayed


The following information is displayed on the front of the card.


The following information is displayed on the back of the card.

  • Signature (optional)
  • Party Pokémon (optional)
  • Date of print